Tiantian Gong

PhD student at Purdue CS

Email: tg@purdue.edu


My name is Tiantian Gong and I usually go by Tian, which means heaven or sky in Chinese. I am currently a PhD student at Purdue University, working with Professor Aniket Kate. I received my undergraduate degree in Economics from Renmin University of China, Beijing, China. I expect to receive my Master degree in CS from Purdue University, West Lafayette, US, in May, 2022.

My research interests are mostly in game theory, mechanism design and secure computation. I usually work on problems related to correctness, privacy protection and incentive design in secure distributed computation. In general, my motivation for research is to understand fundamentals of computation.

I'm serving on the Computer Science Graduate Student Board (CSGSB) for 2022-2023 academic year.

Research Talks CV Notes

Sketch of a short-haired girl observing a spinning top on a table.

Portrait sketch by Raven / Linge Liu

May you live real.